The principle of canyoning is to descend the bed of a stream by crossing each obstacle with or without a rope (waterfalls, waterfalls). Extremely fun and refreshing, this activity was initiated a long time ago, but it is only in recent years that it has experienced a growing boom, and for good reason...

Unlike rafting or canoeing, canyon descents are only possible with limited water flow, which makes this activity very weather-dependent.

Can you do canyoning without knowing how to swim?

No, it is essential to know how to swim. We are not equipped with life jackets and some pools of water can be very deep.

Fear of heights / Never did canyoning?

All abseiling descents are safe and some do not require special skills. Your guide will be there to put you at ease and explain all the actions to be taken. Some canyons are more impressive than others

Hesitant about the choice of descent?

Give us a call, we will be happy to answer you and advise you on the choice of descent

What equipment should be provided?

Closed sneakers (they will be wet but clean!!!), a bathing suit and possibly a lycra, a towel, a change of clothes, water, a small snack for the 1/2 day canyons , and a picnic for the day canyons

What equipment will be provided to you?

A neoprene suit in your size, neoprene socks in your size, a helmet, a special canyoning harness. The guide will have with him the ropes adapted to the obstacles of the descent, a first aid kit, a means of communication (tel or vhf radio)

Where do we change our clothes?

At the start or the finish of the canyon, on a tarpaulin to protect yourself from the ground. There are no changing rooms or toilets on site. The best is to come already changed and take a large towel to change on the way back and keep your privacy

Are you a private group? The hours don't suit you?

No worries, you can privatize your guide from 4 people and leave at the time of your choice, for the descent of your choice

Do you wear glasses / contact lenses?

It is better to remove lenses and glasses or risk losing them. If you have serious vision problems and your glasses are necessary, it is possible to attach them using a special elastic (you will have to provide it)

In case of rain / bad weather?

If the level and flow of the stream are correct and there is no risk of flooding, the descent is maintained. If the water level of the chosen descent is too high, your guide will offer you an alternative descent, or will postpone the outing or refund you.

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